Let your customer create their own price and raise your profitability

The first worldwide app with webrooming and real time dynamic pricing.

Why Price modeling?

We found, most importantly, those who have our app are making twice as many trips to Walmart, and their spend is 40 percent more. Wanda Young, vice president of media and digital marketing at Walmart.

Augmented Reality Offers (73 percent): Use a smartphone to scan products for special customized offers and promotions in the store.

In-Store Guidance (63 percent): Use augmented reality apps to help locate items on their shopping list in the store. Reviews (57 percent): Use augmented reality apps to receive information about products, such as online consumer reviews or ingredients. Cisco, 2015

In just the last year the majority of shoppers (78%) have participated in webrooming when they look up products online, but then choose to buy them in a physical store. Wiser, 2015

Six from seven retailers saw that customers who had the mobile apps visited stores more frequently each month than those without the apps. Mobile app users visited retail stores 12 more times than those who didn’t use the apps.

Mobile should be woven into the entire organizational strategy, not thought of as just another channel. Forrester, 2015


  • Sell more
  • Optimize profit
  • Analyse customer behaviour
Create a product base
Pick a product and define offer & algorithm parameters
Price and quantity offer set

It's simple

  1. X % discount
  2. Start with X piece
  3. Raise margin for X %


  • Create your price
  • Save money
  • Simplify shopping
Scan product's barcode
Choose quantity, decrease price
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